Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger 1.0.5

Saving the present through the past and future


  • Great story
  • Classic gameplay


  • Straight port

Very good

Chrono Trigger is a favorite and classic role playing game for many people.

The time travel story still has not gotten old, and you can experience the Super Nintendo game on mobile devices. The graphics of Chrono Trigger have not changed and did not receive an upgrade, which is a little disappointing.

But Chrono Trigger now includes two areas included in the Nintendo DS remake: Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum, adding more gameplay to the original game. The port was taken from the remake and may not have the visual fidelity for newer devices, but the core turn-based fighting and exploration still exist.

The plot of Chrono Trigger is a time traveling adventure that takes you into the past and future to expand the group of characters that you can use. Since it is a RPG, there are leveling elements to upgrade your characters and make them stronger. As you dive deeper into the story, you will be impressed with how classic games focus a lot on the plot and writing to keep players interested.

Chrono Trigger may not be offering much new content, but it is one of the best classic games.

Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger 1.0.5

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